Friday, June 11, 2010

'After Hours'

I hate working late on Fridays. So does my boss. Which is why every Friday she bails out at 4P and I’m left to twiddle my thumbs until 6P. Needless to say, staying after 6P on a Friday is just not something I do. So, last Friday, as I was preparing to leave work, a man entering the lobby of my insurance office was the last thing I wanted to see. “I’m sorry, sir, we’re closed.” I was annoyed, but still noticed that he was rather attractive. He had lightly tanned, smooth looking skin, and a kind of baby face that made it difficult to tell his age. As I stepped closer, I was drawn into innocent grey eyes. My eyes discretely strayed down his tall, lean frame hidden beneath a very classy looking suit. Though his suit was well tailored, he was not.

His blond hair was a tousled mess. A very attractive mess. I had the almost irresistible urge to reach out and run my fingers through it. I realized with embarrassment that I was staring at him with my mouth open. I shut it and stammered out an apology. But he clearly didn’t mind because he gave me a slow inviting smile. Flushing, I tried to play it off. “I’d be more than happy to help you Monday morning.”

Looking disappointed, he ran a hand through his hair. “Can you make an exception? See, I’m going to my sister’s birthday party, and I bought her this expense bracelet. Maybe too expensive for a thirteen year old. She loses things.” He flashed me a beseeching smile. “Please.”

I crossed my arms under my ample breasts and lifted an eyebrow at him, taunting. “You want me to stay after hours to insure a necklace that is sure to be lost? And, you think I should do that for a mere ‘please’?”
His smile and eyes turned warm, not just friendly warm, smoldering. “Well, I could offer you more.” He sauntered towards me, his eyes freely roaming over my slender waist and curvy hips, down to my shapely legs and high heels. He stopped in front of me, barely an inch between us. The heat from his body seeped over me slowly like a newly lit fire. “I think I can convince you to stay open a little longer.”

He caressed my face with large, warm hands and looked into my eyes. A deep, soul penetrating gaze that had me melting into vulnerable pool of want. My hands found their way inside his jacket as his lips met mine. His silky lips were so delicious, coaxing mine into a slow dance. Lust overcame decorum. I wanted more. My hands stroked over the hard muscles of his chest, and began to unbutton his shirt.

I returned to reality long enough to realize we were still in the lobby where any passer-by could see us. I tore myself away from him reluctantly and went to lock the outer door. I was sure I blushed as I asked him, “Will you step into my office please?”

“Excellent, I really appreciate this.” He grinned at me wickedly, managing to look both boyish and sensually naughty at the same time.

“I’m sure.” I teased as I shut the door. He grinned wider and gave a little laugh before pulling me against him and putting his month on mine in another soft, wet kiss. His hands gripped my ass through my cotton skirt, kneading and rubbing. I tangled my hands in that tousled hair pulling his head gently to encourage more kisses. His tongue licked over my lips before coaxing its way inside my mouth. Once there it was hot and demanding, dancing with my own tongue.

He pulled my hips to his and I moaned as his erection rubbed against my thigh. I could feel my pussy lips sliding against each other as my juices flowed. He moved his hands between us to squeeze and massage my large breasts. Unbuttoning my sweater, he pulled down a cup of my bra and sucked the erect nipple into his mouth. His circling tongue felt so wonderful, I craved to have it work on another part of my body. Aching to felt him, I reached inside his pant and cupped his cock, just savoring its warmth and hardness for a moment. Slowly, I began to massage the base, right above his balls.

He shivered slightly and groaned around my breast. I traced a finger up his shaft to the sensitive spot below the head and pressed. He groaned louder; a growl, and thrust into my hand as he moved up to bite my neck. Exquisite chills raced down my spine, and my cunt, my whole body, spasmed. I even whimpered a little as he began licking my ear. I stroked him while he teased the sensitive flesh. Moist droplets seeped onto my fingers from his plumb head and I sighed with anticipation. I wanted to taste him.

Kneeling, I assisted him out of his trousers while he removed his jacket. I was already on him as he struggled out off his shirt and tie. I started with steady long strokes, taking him all the way in my mouth until my nose touched his stomach, then pulling back slowly until just the head is in my mouth. He shuddered just a little harder with each pass. He tasted delicious, clean musky male with a hint of spice. I drank him in reveling in each tremor, each moan, each spasm of his cock.

He pulled away suddenly leaving my mouth hungry. My moan of protest was silenced as he pulled me into his arms and kissed me as if he my breath were a source of sustenance. He carried me to the plush love seat and lay me down, his lips still tangled with mine. I was enraptured, completely captured in our kiss. He bestowed reverent, magical kisses down my body parting my clothing on his way. Each kiss sent exquisite chills through me, and my pussy throbbed in longing, awaiting its’ turn to be worshipped.
When his tongue caressed my swollen clitoris, I felt muscles deep in my pussy twitching. I moaned in appreciation, and arched into his mouth. My desire and need for him intensified as he alternately tongue kissed my clit and thrust his tongue into my pussy teasing but not reaching the sweet spot inside. “More.” I pleaded. And his eyes smile up at me from between my legs.

He stood, pulling my legs over his shoulders. He stared at me, nostrils flaring in lust as he slowly rescued an eager condom from its’ wrapping. He rolled it down over his erection, and shivered as I reached down to massage the latex covered head of his cock.

Then we both watched, mesmerized as his cock slowly disappeared inside me. He was pleasantly thick and filled me up wonderfully. He sighed in contentment when his cock was completely sheathed inside me, and I looked into his eyes. They had softened, gone from grey to a pale blue, and his face held the wonder of a child discovering something new and impossible. Raw want clenched in my belly again at that look. Then the wonder was replaced by a wicked, mischievous gleam as he began to plunge into me deeply and slowly. I lay there gazing into his eyes as he leisurely fucked me delighting in the sweetness of it but not expecting to come. I was in for a pleasant surprise.

His thumb began to trace lazy circles over my clit while his hips angled each thrust upward so that the head of his cock kissed my g-spot over and over again. Pressure built sluggishly, but steadily inside me. His cock seemed to swell as I tightened around him, and he groaned. His lust filled gaze remained steady on my face as it twisted with agonized pleasure. “That’s right; let me see how pretty you are when you come.”

I crept into an orgasm so intensely drawn out, that I was sure my pussy had slipped into a dimension where time had slowed for it alone. While I bucked and screamed out my release, my pussy rode every spasm of my orgasm individually, making sure I appreciated each one. And then he rode me hard. Without time to come down, I stay at an ecstatic peak while he moved towards his own release. When I came again, my pussy milking his cock relentlessly with strong, deep contractions, he was pushed over the edge. We groaned out our pleasure, and then he pulled me up into an embrace. It was some time before either of us felt inclined to move.

He got his insurance policy. And I’m not even should I care if little sis loses that gold bracelet. As I left the office with his number programmed into my phone, I thought, maybe working over time once in awhile isn’t so bad.