Saturday, June 19, 2010

'Ezulie's Gift'

All over the beach clusters of drummers banged out a driving rhythm. Celebrants accompanied the hypnotic beat with singing, horn blowing, and cymbal playing under a full yellow moon. The sound of the waves climbing up the beach added their rhythm to that of the drums. Shelia crossed her arms tightly over her chest as her eyes darted around trying to take in everything at once. Feeling like she was on vacation on another planet instead of another country, she released her arms, determined to relax.

She walked along the shoreline where blocks of white garbed priestesses, initiates, and acolytes broke up the festive ocean of orange, purple, mauve, and teal of the carnival style dressed celebrants. Her hands fluttered over the thin purple silk sarong draped around her brown toned thighs.

The rough texture of its hand-painted flowers gently scraped against her nipples. She resisted the urge to cover them with her arms again. Even though many others danced and walked around the beach wearing much less, she couldn’t help feeling a bit self conscious. Nothing about this was ordinary for the young disciplined Christian woman.

She stood in the midst of a celebration for Ezrulie, the Vodoun Goddess of sensuality. Her pastor would not approve of her being there. His scolding voice quoted scripture in her head, ‘For thou shalt worship no other god: for the LORD, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God.’ Sheila shivered and goose bumps crawled along her flesh. She blew out a breath and shook her head trying to free it of the phantom voice. The scripture had no relevance to her. She didn’t even believe in Ezrulie. Still, if she had doubts perhaps she should go.

She chewed her lip as she edged around a laughing, bare breasted young woman. Pastor’s voice continued to scold, “You should leave before you get yourself into trouble; the fornication kind.” A twinge of guilt twisted her gut. The truth was, getting into just that kind of trouble was exactly why she was here. High-inducing drum beats and half naked dancers were child’s play compared to that. She began to walk hesitantly down the beach again, as doubts assailed her.

She shook them off. After all, what had her reputation as a pious, chaste, God-fearing woman gotten her? Single, three weeks before her wedding. Dumped by her supposedly God-fearing fiancé. Deacon high and mighty said she was too virginal for him. He’d made noises about how she was too good for him, but that was bull. Eight months later, he was married someone else, and here she stood on this beach. Single, alone, virginal.

A naked couple swept passed her, laughing as they ran towards the water. The man’s erection slid across the back of her hand in an accidental brush, leaving a pleasant tingling sensation behind. A jolt shot through her as strong as if a lover had given her an intimate caress. She hugged herself, trying to pull herself together as her hormones raged. She couldn’t believe she was reacting so powerfully to such a meaningless touch of skin.

The couple reached the water and twisted themselves around one another in an enthusiastic kiss. They had no issues with making a public display of themselves. Sheila felt her cheeks burn at the thought of her own body being bared for all here to see. Well, wasn’t that her sensual plan; to unleash herself far from home where only strangers would witness? Her courage failed her, and she turn to head back to her hotel room.

But she didn’t, couldn’t. A gentle urging from the back of her mind kept her rooted where she stood in the midst of the crowd of half naked party goers. Not an urging, an instinct that something fabulous would happen if she pushed past her boundaries and stayed.

As she stood poised on the point of indecision, she saw her. Flowers and shells had been sewn into her braids, the shells chiming against one another softly as she turned her head to look right at Sheila. A priestess. A beautiful mirror image of her Goddess. Two initiates in white sat before her, eyes closed and heads thrown back in prayer. Sheila was drawn in by the woman’s eyes; trapped so that she couldn’t look away. “Will you let the Goddess in sister?” the priestess asked her. Sheila felt her belly twist as a new doubt entered her mind. This woman had something. A glow about her. Power. What if the Goddess was real? Unnerved she stepped back slowly as the woman picked up a gourd and offered its’ contents to the two initiates.

They drank eagerly, grinning. The male initiate started to convulse rhythmically; hopping gracefully and quickly to his feet to twist his body in hard deliberate movements. The female undulated her body gently as she stood, creating the illusion that she was floating, and then hovering above the ground. Or maybe it isn’t an illusion. Were her feet, covered by her long white gown, touching the ground? They both beamed; joy bright in their eyes. Sheila’s heart beat faster as she watched them. This was similar to people dancing in the Holy Spirit at church. But what spirit was upon these two? The brew or something else?

The priestess smiled reassuringly and beckoned her to drink from the gourd. Sheila shook her head and took another step back. She didn’t leave. That instinct was there again, pushing her forward. She was paralyzed with indecision again. She shook herself and blew out a frustrated breath. She was a decisive person and had had more than enough of this crippling doubt. She reminded herself the goddess was not real, then snatched the cup from the priestess’ hand and gulped down a generous mouthful. The priestess laughed as Shelia sputtered. The brew was sweet and spicy. Creamy like milk, with a hard hit of cinnamon.

Joyous warmth spread out from her belly to engulf her whole body. Her anger and doubts lost their edge as a tangible calm settled over her. She briefly wondered what was in the brew but realized she didn’t really care. She felt too good. An abundance of energy shot though her demanding to be used to some purpose. The priestess gazed at her and murmured, “Let the Goddess in.” Sheila dismissed this advice. Instead she reveled in the feeling of elation and sought a way to express it.

The two initiates had found a way. They ate at each other’s mouths and swallow one another’s laughter as they tore the white garb from their bodies. The man’s glorious erection jumped eagerly when the woman stroked him with a sure hand. Lust pooled in Shelia’s belly, and with wantonness, she stepped towards them. But a young man spun in front of her, to block her view of them and the watchful priestess. His arms were outstretched as if to say go no further.

She shied away from him, startled. She felt like a child who’d had her hand slapped away from the campfire. So pretty, but so dangerous. She lifted her chin and stared at him. The bemused half smile on his face and the slight shake of his head seemed to call her naïve. What did he care? The question drifted out of her mind as she let her eyes wander over this curious obstacle. He wore a gold loin cloth over a full and heavy looking bulge. The bit of clothing left his lean, well toned chest and legs bare. Delectable brown nipples stood out from his honey olive skin which was dusted with gold glitter from head to toe. The abundant jet black wavy hair that fell almost to his waist was crowned with an elaborate gold and green feathered headdress.

Sheila’s insides tightened and her cheeks heated. She felt her lips curl up in an appreciative smile, and stilled them. She was wary of this beautiful man. Of the affect he had on her. But perhaps that meant he was the opportunity she sought. She waited for him to make some indication of his intentions.

His amber eyes steady on her, he began a slow serpentine dance. The effects of the heady brew combined with the sight of his contracting abs and writhing hips mesmerized her. She forgot to breath. He laughed as she took in a gulp of air, and then moved closer to her as he continued his gyrating dance. The touch of his body invited hers to follow. She did, hesitantly; the rhythm pulling at her. She resisted. “Let go” he said, his eyes encouraged her. “The Goddess is here.” He traced his fingers lightly over her heart as he said it. Sheila crinkled her brow as she thought, Is she? Here in my heart? I feel nothing. He grinned at her as if he knew her thoughts. “Dance”, he said. “Let the drums move you. Let the Goddess in.”

Tentatively at first, she moved with the drums. The driving rhythm forced sharp, staccato movements from her body. Something heavy was fell away from her, and she felt light and free. Yes, this is what I’m here for. I want this. His rich laughter flowed over her, warming her. “The Goddess is here!” he said again. Warmth grew within her. Her movements gentled into soft undulations and flowing arms. She opened, expanded. A fresh, gentle, and unmistakably feminine presence lovingly embraced her. An electric zing of shock passed through Shelia as identified it. “Ezrulie.”, she whispered in awe. The Goddess was real, and in her, claiming her as one of her own.

‘For thou shalt worship no other god…’ Icy fingers seemed to grip her heart. She collapsed to the ground. Curled up into a ball, Sheila clamped her arms around her knees and tried to keep the Goddess out. Now I’ve done it! Blasphemy! She shook off the soothing hands of the priestess and the golden man while she waited for some terrible punishment from God to descend upon her.

Nothing happened.

The rich, sensuous laughter of Ezrulie echoed in her head. ‘Child, what were you expecting? A lightning bolt to burn you to ash? Or to be eaten alive by a plague of locusts? Foolishness.’

Sheila rolled the Goddess’ words slowly around in her head as she continued to hold herself tense against God’s absent wrath. She gasped and sat up looking Heaven-ward as she realized no reaction was coming. She burst out laughing. “Lightning bolts and locusts!” she sputtered. “Bless me I did actually expect it.”

Ezrulie’s laughter joined hers. ‘Do you think God really wants you to be afraid?’

Sheila sobered, pondering. Maybe not. I don’t know. But, I know I don’t want to be afraid. She stood and swung her head and shoulders back. Her long caramel hair cascaded down her back with the movement. She opened her arms and heart to the sky and laughe; laughed so hard joyful tears washed down her face. She hovered a moment with her arms wide to savor the presence of the Goddess as it poured over her like clean cool water. It made her skin tingle as it flowed down through her outstretched arms, to pulse pleasantly through her head, and into her heart.

The golden man joined her in a dance. She ran her hands down his smooth powerful thighs then up until she tentatively stroked his firm ass. She moaned, then laughed and grinned at him. She let her hands travel over his tight, hot body. He shivered slightly and invited her in closer with his arms and heated gaze. How much guilt had she built up around such a simple, innocent pleasure? As her lust rose, urgency came with it, crowding out the subtle cool energy of Ezrulie. He pulled back as if he sensed it, and instructed her again, “Dance.”

She moved again as she closed her eyes and opened herself to the quiet, joyous presence. Ezrulie came, a blissful flow of energy at once both calming and ecstatic. Shelia allowed the flow of energy to move her more than the music. She spun, undulated, laughed, and twisted in her own space within herself. Alone with the Goddess. She was aware of others who danced and still others who watched. And she could feel him close by, the energy of Ezrulie riding him as well.

She felt like she could reach out with psychic hands and touch him, merge with him, but an Ezrulie held her back. ‘This time is for you to be alone with your own sensual power.’

Sheila continued to dance in a frenzy. She let go of her self-imposed repression and burned away inhibitions. Her sarong danced its’ own dance around her body, flowing in the warm breeze that blew lovingly between her thighs to caress her damp curls.

The energy around her rose in a final crescendo driven by the drums, the chants, and the dance around her. She allowed herself to be carried with it, as she shimmyed through the ecstatic climax, then shook as she journeyed back to awareness. She did not come fully back to a normal state of consciousness. She didn’t want to. Not yet. She settled onto the beach in a cross legged position to savor the blissful quivers through her body.

The energy around her changed slightly. She felt a strong presence behind her, warm on her back. The presence seemed to hesitate, then meeting no protest, it solidified into a muscular male body. Shelia smiled, not needing to turn around to recognize him. She knew his energy now, could feel the slight rumbling vibration and joyful little prickles that marked him.

She laughed at herself. She didn’t believe in any new agey stuff like chakras and auras, and yet here she was reveling in it. His energy wrapped around her as his naked thighs dusted with gold glitter engulfed hers. She welcomed both the energetic and physical touch.

His large, smooth palms slid down her body to her hips. Gently, he pulled her against him, her back supported by his chest as his hot engorged flesh pressed into her. His lips kissed, sucked at her neck, triggering more waves of pleasure and soft cries.

She shivered as she felt his tongue, lightly licked and tickled, then firmly bathed her neck with moist heat and pressure. Soft bites followed. She was limp with pleasure, and her body surrendered itself to this man’s arms. His hands untied her sarong and removed it from between their bodies. Her soft skin rubbed against firm male flesh. The warmth grew into a hot energetic pulsing throughout her body that was echoed by his.

She felt the Goddess inside her and him flow back and forth until their energy merged and she felt bound to him. She rocked her hips back, and felt the length of him between her buttocks. He groaned against her neck at the welcome pressure. His hands caressed her breasts; his fingers pinched her erect nipples. Her genitals clenched with anticipation of release. And all the while, the hot pulsing of their joined energies and that of Ezrulie built around them, and pulled them to higher states of ecstasy.

Sheila turned her head to invite a kiss. Their lips met hungrily. Breath flowed from one to the other in the slight space that appeared and disappeared between their lips. Through their joined breathes their merging deepened. Their hearts connected at a level higher than mere flesh.

She welcomed him in-on so many levels-and he accepted her invitation. His hand was smooth and hot on her belly as he drew her closer. His erection nudged against her slick lips before it slipped blissfully inside. She cried out and felt his gasp against her cheek as he filled her. They paused like that, in no rush to move on; the moment so delicious that it didn’t require movement. Eventually, though, desire built between them and demanded fulfillment. She had to move then, and rocked her hips against him. He rolled his hips with hers so their love making felt like a continuation of the earlier dance. She gripped his strong thighs for support as she thrust herself down upon him again and again.

“Ezrulie.” He murmured, his voice becoming strained. His fingers strayed from her belly to massage the sensitive bundle of nerves between her legs. She jumped in ecstasy at the contact. An electric line of pre-orgasmic pleasure zipped straight to her innermost core. Her womb tightened around him of its’ own accord, and he groaned in response. He thrust wildly, then torturing slow. The fast rhythm overwhelmed both her throbbing, needy womanhood and her unraveled emotions. But the slow strokes were worse as he dragged his hot thick member across every single nerve inside her at an excruciatingly leisurely pace.

She felt an orgasm build as he continued his erratic rhythm-fast fast, slow, fast fast, slow. Then her orgasm crushed over her in waves. He held still inside of her as she came, pressed against that magic spot inside that intensified the pleasure and drew out her ecstasy. At the crest of each orgasmic wave she seemed to disappear and melt into him, the Goddess, the nearby ocean, the universe. There was no thought, no sense of her body, only pure ecstasy. Every time the waves of her orgasm receded, a small thrust of his hips started them again.

She squeezed around his pulsating shaft. He quaked as his impending orgasm demanded to be released. As she came again she clamped down on him as hard as she could and brought him with her. They undulated against one another and moaned; temporarily helpless and overcome pleasure. He kissed her, wet and opened mouth, passionate and sweet. She smiled with delight, as she returned his kisses. She felt the Goddess leave as something else settled down inside, taking up permanent residence. Her own personal sensual power.

At a touch on her shoulder, she reluctantly broke her lips away from his and turned to see the priestess. The woman beamed at her. She leaned down to place a kiss on Shelia’s forehead. “Welcome home, sister.”

Shelia crinkled her brow. “What was in that brew I drank?” It must be some sort of hallucinogen. An unpleasant thought struck her. Would this newfound power leave her when she came down?

The priestess, reading her face correctly, shook her head. “The magic was not in the milk, it was in you. The brew is only a trick to make you see it. Once initiated to it, it will never leave you.” She grinned. “Don’t take my word for it. Call it again.”

Shelia smiled wickedly at the naked golden man who still held her in his arms, and he grinned back. She called up the sensual power now curled up contentedly in her belly and it flared to life. It wrapped around them both with renewed ardor. Before it swept them away again into the boundary-less passion, Shelia thanked the Goddess Ezrulie for her gift.

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