Thursday, April 5, 2012

Prissam's Seduction

Dread gnawed at Prissam's usual calm as the girl continued to dance enticingly around him. She laughed gaily while her silk robe and long curly hair flared in her wake.

He had no intention of ending up at the wrong end of a whip for inappropriate conduct with a noble woman. Even speaking to her was prohibited for a warrior. Best to ignore the foolish little brat until she tired of her game.

She abruptly ended her dance, and stood in front of him, her round bronze face glowing as she smiled. The Princess Camilla certainly was beautiful. He realized his eyes drifted over her and returned them to staring straight ahead. “Warrior, what is your name?”

His lips twitched wanting to smirk. He liked bold women. She had to know that she too would be severely punished if discovered here. Bold, but imprudent. He was not a fool, so he remained silent. Yet, he was fascinated.

What did the beautiful enchantress who stood before him, smiling sweetly and gazing seductively into his eyes, hope to accomplish? Was this a dare from her ladies in waiting? He hoped not. He shifted uneasily at the thought of a bunch of silly young noblewomen giggling with one another about this adventure in front of servants. He'd be done for.

“You do not answer?” She arched an eyebrow. Her tone held surprise, but he didn't believe it. He could tell by the gleam in her eyes that she was enjoying herself. She wouldn't want the game to be over too quickly. "I know the penalties you fear if discovered speaking to me. But I promise you no one knows I'm here. My nurse believes I'm secluded with my needlework."

Some of Prissam's apprehension eased. Someone could still chance upon them, but that was unlikely as they were on the top most tier of the castle. No one had reason to come here except his relief, and him not for another two hours. Still, there was a chance. He continued to play the stoic warrior.

She sighed, sounding more contented than annoyed, and brought her smooth hands slowly up to the closure of her over-robe. He grunted in protest as she undid the clasps and flung the garment behind her.

All thought stopped as he stared open-mouthed. This was beyond bold, it was dangerous. His reluctant eyes surveyed her slender body. A light slip clung to her hips before falling loosely to mid-thigh. Below, her long, sienna-toned legs were bare to his gaze.

Gold trim, sown across the bodice, outlined her high, round breasts and the delectable nipples that showed through the flimsy material. He felt himself swell as he drank in the sight.

The urge to take what she foolishly flaunted was strong. Prissam gritted his teeth and glared at the little minx. He was a man with not so honorable a reputation with women. She dared trifle with him?

“Do find me beautiful?" She twirled on tiptoe and her short slip caught in the air. Gods help him, she was bare underneath.

She giggled. “I find you beautiful. Especially your eyes, grey like mist. If my maids are to be believed, your beauty is accentuated by a musical voice that speaks with eloquence of the most charming things."

Biting her lip, she glanced away. "I'm told your mouth is talented at other things as well.”

He grunted. Shocking the Princess would listen to those kinds of tales. Saucy minx.

“Come, speak to me. May I not hear your name from your own tongue?”

He stilled the urge to lick his lips, but could do nothing about the eager twitch of his manhood against his breaches. He searched her eyes. Did he dare give in?

As he considered, she pressed her advantage. Hands clasped behind her back, she began a casual walk around him. She did not touch him, but strolled close enough to let her presence be known. She paused behind him, and her tone became wicked as she leaned forward to speak softly into his ear.

“No one will know what happens between us here less we tell them.” A heated quiver passed through him. His prick strained against its confines, and his breath came fast.

Perhaps no harm would come from indulging her whim. For the small price of a kiss. As she said, no one would know.

Her breathe tickled his neck as she slipped around to face him again. She stared into his eyes. Feeling her warm, rose scented breath on his naked skin was too much. He felt the resolve he had left, crumbling to dust.

“Prissam, Lady.” He returned her penetrating gaze as he pulled her close. Her breath caught and her eyes filled with triumph. He gave her a heated smile. "I think my name would sound sweeter coming from your tongue."

“I agree.” Her features stretched and shifted around her smirk.

His smile faded as his eyes tried to follow the lines of her face as they reformed into ethereal perfection. The natural glow of her skin grew to a painful blinding brilliance so that he could barely see her ears as they elongated into elegant, delicate things.

His heart pounded as adrenaline rushed. One hand released her waist and went to his sword. With it halfway out of its sheaf, she whispered, “Prissam.” And it was too late.

Magic curled around him carried by the sound of the fey woman’s voice speaking his name. Invisible tendrils felt like cool mist underneath his skin, tying him to her. The world shifted. Colors became sharper and edges distinctive. Her beauty faded back to a tolerable level.

Prissam fell to his knees and took in a great gasp of air. His eyes wide, he stared at the mythical creature. He cursed himself a fool as he knelt at her mercy. She stroked his face and placed a light kiss on the tip of his nose.

“I love capturing new pleasure slaves.” She flicked a hand and they fell through mist leaving the human world behind.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fun Sci-Fi Sex Part III: Barbarella's Sex Pill


Now this is the ultimate safe sex. Only point of contact is your sex hand. And, I love how Dildano's is gloved. Happenstance? I think not. I love this scene as a campy reference to birth control. His gloved hand is a reference to condoms, and the sex pill to The Pill. Birth control pills were no doubt still controversial at the time. Barbarella came out in 1968; the birth control pill eight years earlier, in 1960.

Of course, Barb's pill has some major advantages. Sensation without physical contact. A real guarantee against STD's and surprise pregnancies. And injuries. The latter are quite possible for the more adventurous. I can't say it looks as fun as the 'savage' traditional way, but hell, you don't even have to worry about what you look like naked. Yet, you still get the full sensory ride. Plus some.

 I mean, this is psychic sex, right? Your mind creating sensations in the body of your partner. Or partners. But you don't even need an extra person to get awesome dual simulation. All it takes is a thought, and your lover can give you the experience of double penetration. Just for kicks. No extra messy lube, no preparation, no acrobatics, or relationship-threatening third party.

And hey, you can also experience impossible sensations. Ever wish your honey's tongue was just a bit longer? With a vivid imagination, they can touch you in places no human tongue has gone before. And let's not forget about all the money you'll save on sex toys. Why buy them when you can simulate their effects with psychic imitations? I knew there was a reason Barb's beau in this scene is named Dildano.

But, of course, the sex pill must have its negative side. Top of the list for me is, where's the visual stimulation? Feeling your lover do wonderful things to you is cake, but it wouldn't be complete without the icing of watching it happen. And on a more practical note, what do you hold onto? I'm not talking about the muscles in your hands, people.

It sounds like a fun thing to try, but I think I'm a traditional girl. How about you all? Would you trade in your birth control pill for the sex pill?

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Fun Sci-Fi Sex Part II: Zero Gravity Sex

Don't you just love the blissfully floating couples in zero gravity love scenes? Like in this scene from a great movie called 'Supernova'.  It's looks dreamy and romantic. And who wouldn't want to have sex with the sultry James Spader, or sensuous Angela Bassett in this scene?

Turns out that in zero gravity, having sex suspended in the middle of a room isn't just a lovely affectation that looks good on the big screen. It's a necessity. Space sex has some challenges, and the main one is staying together. If you try to do it near a surface, like a bed, all your bumping and grinding is going to bounce you right out of your lover's embrace and against the ceiling and walls.

So, a solution for this is floating with your sweetie, or sweeties (lucky you), as far away from everything else in your quarters as you can get. Baring an attack on your battlestar by an alien ship, you should be able to romp unencumbered by the annoyance of ratcheting off the furniture
But, alas, it's not so simple. How do you get into the middle of the room? Pushing off a surface in zero gravity will send you floating…all the way to the other side of the room. With no gravity to stop your momentum, you'll keep going until you encounter another object. And that, folks, is our solution. You get yourself and your partner into mid-air bliss by launching off opposite walls and colliding in the middle. Kind of cool, uh?

I love this for writing a sex scene in space. Like the scene in 'Supernova' having my characters drift around in a roomy space with the stars as their backdrop sounds like fun to write. They could get up to all kinds of positions not possible with gravity smashing them against a surface.

For myself, I wouldn't have faith in my ability to coordinate it correctly. Seems like it would take some practice in real life. I'd worry we'd just end up bouncing around together, or would accidently get separated and be suck in the middle of the room with no leverage to escape the to the nearest surface. I think I'd prefer a sex sack. You know, a multi-person sleeping bag strapped to a wall or something. Cozy, intimate. Does leave room for much gravity-less gymnastics, but I could put in a suction pump to drain the sweat droplets.

Which would you go for? Mid-air collision or sex sack?