Thursday, March 22, 2012

Fun Sci-Fi Sex Part II: Zero Gravity Sex

Don't you just love the blissfully floating couples in zero gravity love scenes? Like in this scene from a great movie called 'Supernova'.  It's looks dreamy and romantic. And who wouldn't want to have sex with the sultry James Spader, or sensuous Angela Bassett in this scene?

Turns out that in zero gravity, having sex suspended in the middle of a room isn't just a lovely affectation that looks good on the big screen. It's a necessity. Space sex has some challenges, and the main one is staying together. If you try to do it near a surface, like a bed, all your bumping and grinding is going to bounce you right out of your lover's embrace and against the ceiling and walls.

So, a solution for this is floating with your sweetie, or sweeties (lucky you), as far away from everything else in your quarters as you can get. Baring an attack on your battlestar by an alien ship, you should be able to romp unencumbered by the annoyance of ratcheting off the furniture
But, alas, it's not so simple. How do you get into the middle of the room? Pushing off a surface in zero gravity will send you floating…all the way to the other side of the room. With no gravity to stop your momentum, you'll keep going until you encounter another object. And that, folks, is our solution. You get yourself and your partner into mid-air bliss by launching off opposite walls and colliding in the middle. Kind of cool, uh?

I love this for writing a sex scene in space. Like the scene in 'Supernova' having my characters drift around in a roomy space with the stars as their backdrop sounds like fun to write. They could get up to all kinds of positions not possible with gravity smashing them against a surface.

For myself, I wouldn't have faith in my ability to coordinate it correctly. Seems like it would take some practice in real life. I'd worry we'd just end up bouncing around together, or would accidently get separated and be suck in the middle of the room with no leverage to escape the to the nearest surface. I think I'd prefer a sex sack. You know, a multi-person sleeping bag strapped to a wall or something. Cozy, intimate. Does leave room for much gravity-less gymnastics, but I could put in a suction pump to drain the sweat droplets.

Which would you go for? Mid-air collision or sex sack?

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