Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fun Sci-Fi Sex Part III: Barbarella's Sex Pill


Now this is the ultimate safe sex. Only point of contact is your sex hand. And, I love how Dildano's is gloved. Happenstance? I think not. I love this scene as a campy reference to birth control. His gloved hand is a reference to condoms, and the sex pill to The Pill. Birth control pills were no doubt still controversial at the time. Barbarella came out in 1968; the birth control pill eight years earlier, in 1960.

Of course, Barb's pill has some major advantages. Sensation without physical contact. A real guarantee against STD's and surprise pregnancies. And injuries. The latter are quite possible for the more adventurous. I can't say it looks as fun as the 'savage' traditional way, but hell, you don't even have to worry about what you look like naked. Yet, you still get the full sensory ride. Plus some.

 I mean, this is psychic sex, right? Your mind creating sensations in the body of your partner. Or partners. But you don't even need an extra person to get awesome dual simulation. All it takes is a thought, and your lover can give you the experience of double penetration. Just for kicks. No extra messy lube, no preparation, no acrobatics, or relationship-threatening third party.

And hey, you can also experience impossible sensations. Ever wish your honey's tongue was just a bit longer? With a vivid imagination, they can touch you in places no human tongue has gone before. And let's not forget about all the money you'll save on sex toys. Why buy them when you can simulate their effects with psychic imitations? I knew there was a reason Barb's beau in this scene is named Dildano.

But, of course, the sex pill must have its negative side. Top of the list for me is, where's the visual stimulation? Feeling your lover do wonderful things to you is cake, but it wouldn't be complete without the icing of watching it happen. And on a more practical note, what do you hold onto? I'm not talking about the muscles in your hands, people.

It sounds like a fun thing to try, but I think I'm a traditional girl. How about you all? Would you trade in your birth control pill for the sex pill?

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