Monday, May 17, 2010

Submission Grappling With Vampires

If you’ve read ‘Chosen’ then you know that Shauna Christie is a pretty tough chick. Well, in her newest adventures in my work in progress, 'Lukoran’s Faithful', she’ll be kicking butt Brazilian Jujitsu style. I chose to use BJJ in my story because I figured it would negate the vamps’ advantage of speed and strength. My vamps aren’t super human in these areas unless they are bloodborn vamps of a certain age. Other vamps have only slightly heightened abilities. But BJJ is a martial art that relies on less on size, strength, and speed, and more on leverage.

When I started doing more research and watching YouTube videos, and I kind of got hooked on BJJ. I wanted to try it myself. I figured I should anyway just for the research. So, off I went to a practice class I found on the internet. I was really nervous about going, and worried that I wasn’t in shape enough for this. I remember from my Caperiora days that martial arts class can be extremely demanding physically. I didn’t want get hurt, or worse, embarrass myself.

Well, I went anyway and I had a great time. My experience of BJJ is that it is very multi-layered. It’s a game of control, a struggle to get the better position and dominate your opponent. Hum, sounds a bit like the relationship between a strong heroine, and alpha hero. BJJ is also a very intimate sport. At first I was like, “really? We’re going to lock our legs around one another and refuse to let go?” I got over it, but there is little room for shyness or personal space issues.

My first roll was with a guy who had some experience. He went easy on me of course. We learned how to ‘pass the guard.’ Basically, one person is lying on their back with their legs wrapped around the other’s waist. The person on top is in the bottom’s guard and has to try to get out of it. It was fun trying, but I liked the defensive position best. When I had him in my guard, I clung like an evil monkey! Once, I grabbed his shirt to try and pull him back down to the ground (like that was going to happen) and his shirt ripped. Oops!

Good times! Here is a video demo on passing the guard. Can’t you see Shauna and Lukoran in an erotic grapple? I can. In fact I’ve already written that scene!

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