Friday, August 7, 2009

New Excerpt From 'Chosen'

It became very quiet as everyone watched with impatient anticipation. Shauna looked on with a scowl. A scowl that grew deeper as she felt a heat in her body and a nervous anticipation that was not her own. As Kentar twisted his fingers through Amber’s long hair, Shauna felt a pulling in her hair that just wasn’t possible considering its short length. Amber was projecting.

“How generous of her to share.” Shauna murmured with a sarcastic smirk. Kia chuckled in agreement.

There was a light tickling sensation and only a prick of pain for Shauna as Kentar slowly slid his hands over Amber’s delicious curves and penetrated her neck with eager fangs. Amber let out a little sigh for the physical pain. Seconds later, Amber cried out when the energetic wave of pain hit her. Shauna could feel a hint of it. A light heat in her bones. Not white hot, more like the sting of her brandy. And in the sting, the sweetness. Light, just a suggestion really. But pleasant.

Around them, as others strong enough picked up the projection, there were gasps, groans, and sighs of delight. Kia smiled, eyes heavy, enjoying the subtle sweetness. But Shauna wanted more.
And she groped for it desperately. Sinking into trance, she opened herself to take in more of Amber’s experience. When that wasn’t enough, she tried to project herself closer to the sweetness. And by necessity, the pain. She didn’t think, she just did it. Then, snap! All at once, Shauna’s sense of her own body fell away and white-hot pain burned throughout this new body she was in.

Cool hands gripped her waist, supporting her. The mouth at her neck was the source of the fire, pouring it into her shaking body. She threw her head back, clenched her teeth, trying to hold the pain at bay just for a trifle of sweetness. Sweat trickled out every pore, her back arched in determination to endure. The silence was impossible. All she could hear was her own straggled breathing. Kentar’s body was relaxed against hers as he drank his fill of her blood and her soul.

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