Monday, June 29, 2009

CONTENT WARNING: An erotic excerpt from 'Players'

Mishon’s eyes turned wicked as she threw her arms out to her sides and started to wine against his body. “You sure you’re up to this Ryan? My wine has been known to make men insane with desire.”

He rubbed his erection against her thigh on the off chance she had missed it. “I’m up for it, Mishon. I can handle you.”

She laughed evilly. “We’ll see. I’ll have no mercy on you.” She backed away from him, finally that teasing look in her eyes. She planted her feet and framed her hips with her hands, bringing his attention down to them. They flared out lusciously from her small waist, the tiny skirt of her dress emphasizing their curves. The skirt swished as she threw her hips out side to side in sharp, crisp movements. Her upper body hardly moved at all except for a delicious jiggling of her breasts.

The beat of the music seemed sexual. The singers chanted ‘Yea-e, yea, yea-e, yea, yea, yea!’ as if that simple affirmative statement was all that needed to be said. Watching Mishon’s hips as she began to move them in hard, tight circles-slow, slow, fast fast fast-he agreed with them.
Other dancers were making a circle to watch now, Mishon being considered the best dancer among their circle of friends. A few people, Kendra and Rhonda among them, shouted out ‘Go Trini!’ referring to her roots in Trinidad. Mishon sashayed around as she continued making tight loops with her hips. The effect of her dance from the back was a completely different experience. He groaned appreciatively as her skirt flared out revealing glimpses of her lace panty clad ass. A juicy, perfectly round ass. She took it down, almost to the ground, and then back up in a tantalizing rhythm. Looking over her shoulder at him with a decidedly evil grin, Mishon raised her dress to fully display her pink lace boy shorts. The fact that they covered more of her buttocks than a bikini would have actually made the display sexier as she danced. With the boy shorts, the bottom quarter of her cheeks peeked out teasingly. They jiggled tormentingly as she circled her hips so fast and tight that she was shimmying.

Distantly, Ryan heard people clapping and wolf whistling, but all his attention was on Mishon’s bubble butt and lean, toned thighs as they trembled with the movement of her dance. Encouraged, and no doubt enjoying having witnesses to his suffering, she bent over revealing more gorgeous ass. She flung her hair around in few circles, a real crowd pleaser, before she began to roll her hips and torso in a grind that had him thinking of another dance he’d like to be doing.

A hand on his back pushed him forward towards her. “Don’t just stand there and let her tease you, mon.” It was Chris’ deep voice in his Jamaican accent.

“Yeah, dude, get in there.” Brett’s voice, laughing.

Ryan didn’t spare them a look, but took their advice. It was time he did a bit of teasing of his own. Mishon had never seen him wine, but that wasn’t because he didn’t know how. Drawing his shirt off over his head, he took small hops forward as he popped his pelvis in small, sharp gyrations. The women screamed. This was going well. He felt his erection straining against his pants, and didn’t at all mind giving them the added bonus.

Mishon raised an eyebrow at him over her shoulder, and gave him a pleased smile. She crooked a finger at him as she wiggled her hips in a friendly manner. Oh, yeah. He began his own grinding hip circles, right into her firm ass. The friction as she ground her hips in the opposite direction felt frickin unbelievable. He gripped her hips gently, enjoying the vibration against his palms as she shimmied. She shimmied backwards, pushing him back with her. When they moved back forward they both did a fast butterfly, knees moving in and out quickly, his pelvis still pressed as tight to her backside as he could manage. The crowd roared.

She spun to face him, pressing close. Her dreamy look had nothing on the expression that was on her face now. Molten passion and sharp desire. He was right there with her. He grabbed her buttocks with both hands and pulled her tighter against his hardness. They settled into a slow, delicious grind. Up and down, side to side. A thin sheen of sweat glistened across her neck and the tops of her breasts like dew on the petals of a flower. Ryan had an uncontrollable urge to lick it off, and he buried his face in her neck, smelling the scent of jasmine and woman. He tasted her, sweet and slightly salty. Her hands roamed over his naked back and stomach; up over his chest brushing over his nipples. The rhythm of her light strokes began to increase; her grinding to take on urgency. She raised one leg up and hooked her knee over his hip for more leverage as she rode his erection through two layers of clothing. Looking into her glazed eyes Ryan realized, she's gonna come. A heated quiver went through him and he knew that if she did here as everyone watched, it would push him over the edge.

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