Thursday, March 15, 2012

Fun Sci-Fi Sex Part I: Pon Farr

I had to do post on Star Trek, one of the sci-fi worlds I grew up with. It was suggested that I write about Klingon mating rituals, but I must admit I find Klingons among the least appealing sentient beings in the universe. So sorry Worf. But you and Deanna Troy? Really? The exception would be B’Elanna Torres, the sexy Klingon/human half breed rebel on Voyager. I always appreciated her attitude and barely contained fire. Though I liked Paris, I thought he was a bit too mellow for her. Chakotay would have been my choice. So hot!

As far as sci-fi sex practices go, the Pon Farr has always fascinated me. Vulcans are so contained and emotionless, that the idea of them going into a violently sexual heat every seven years is thrilling. And the sexy part is they must mate with someone they are empathically bonded to or they die! Oh yeah, they can also purge the Pon Farr in ritual combat, but that’s no fun.

One of my favorite episodes is Blood Fever. It demonstrates the Pon Farr well and involves my girl, B’Elanna. A Vulcan junior officer, Vorik, is going threw his first Pon Farr and chooses B’Elanna for his mate. Presumptuous. Don’t worry, she puts him straight. But not before he accidentally transfers the Pon Farr to her via plak tow, the telepathic mating bond. God I love Star Trek! Then, fortunately she and Paris become trapped in a cave together.

So we have B’Elanna, a fiery Klingon in a Vulcan sexual frenzy trapped with charming but not so alpha Tom Paris. I though his protestations of taking advantage of her in horny state were cute. But I wasn’t fooled. Mistress B’Elanna was in complete control of the situation. She’s physical and emotionally stronger than he is, and it didn’t ring true when she backed down and angrily accepted his refusal.

The last bit of the episode was perfect, however, showing that B’Elanna is definitely the dom in that relationship. Vorik challenges Paris for the right to mate with her, and B’Elanna says screw that, I’ll fight you myself. And of course, she proceeds to kick his ass. You go girl!

So Star Trek fans, what are your favorite Pon Farr moments? Or any favorite Star Trek couples?

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