Monday, May 3, 2010

Sexy Soca Whine

In ‘Players’ my heroine and hero, Mishon and Ryan, have a sexy dance scene in which they seduce one another on the dance floor. This scene involves salsa, but I knew that I also wanted it escalate into a much naughtier dance: the Soca whine. What’s that you ask? It’s a Caribbean dance that the Trini dictionary on Afrique Online defines as: a sexually suggestive dance using winding hip movements that can make the hula look tame, usually done to Soca music.

When I use to belly dance, what I loved about it was the sensuality and how the dance helped to connect me with my feminine power. But belly dance is subtle compare to the whine. Belly dance says ‘look but don’t touch’ whereas Soca whine says ‘I dare you. Please.’ I felt that this was the perfect dance for Mishon to challenge Ryan with. They push boundaries on the dance floor that surprises even her.

What strikes me about this dance also is the dancers’ willingness to get free and provocative on the dance floor. I found videos during my research of some dancers getting downright raunchy; humping and grinding more than dancing. That wasn’t sexy to me. A bit of grinding is ok when it’s done with some style and flair, but I don’t think a woman bent over for five minutes with a guy humping her qualifies as dance. The video at I’ve attached to this post shows a female dancer who I think exudes the sexual confidence and sensuality of the dance without being vulgar.

By the way, after watching numerous You Tube videos, I tried this seductive dance myself. I thought that as an ex-belly dancer I would have no problems gyrating my hips around at tempo. Wrong! It was challenging, and a kick ass workout for the abs. I also felt kind of sexy doing it. Watch the video then give it a try! Let me know how you do.

Video by FUGyalDem

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