Monday, January 4, 2010

The Ladies Love Slash Fiction

Darien kissed his way down his lover's chest, pausing to tease each nipple with a caress of his tongue and a gentle bite. His lover moaned, arching into him, letting him know that his attentions were very appreciated.

"More?" Darien asked, his voice amused.

"Fuck yeah, I want more." Brain pushed Darien's head lower...

Wait! What the...? (That's your line.) Surprised by the gender of Darien's lover? Like it? Lots of female readers of erotic romance do. I know I do. Slash, M/M, guy on guy erotic romance written for women by women is currently one of the hottest sub-genres. And why not? Many men have their fantasies about two women together; why wouldn't we ladies enjoy the thought of two sexy men getting hot and sweaty, and being loving with each other? I'm glad to see women coming out of the closet (ha ha) about this guilty pleasure.

I personally love M/M/F (yep, two men and a woman.) My absolute favorite book in this sub-genre is Allyson James' Tales of the Shareem: Aiden And Ky from Ellora's Cave. Sooo frickin hot! And an awesome plot (yes erotic romance has plot.) I haven't tried my hand much at writing any slash but I have a couple of vampire boys?
So what do you think of two guys getting it on? Any closet fans out there?


  1. I absolute love m/m/f and m/m novels. They are great. I really enjoy Josh Lanyon's works.

    Tracey D

  2. Hi Tracy! I've heard a lot about Lanyon work but haven't read anything. I'll have to remedy that!

  3. Congrats Tracey, you've won an ebook copy of Players! Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope you enjoy the ebook. Just post an email address I can send the file to. Or email me at

  4. Good morning, Angela.

    Thank you very much for the book. I just emailed you.

    You will just LOVE Josh's works. I strongly suggest the Adrien English series. There are 5 books in the series and the final book was released this month.

  5. I love m/m and m/m/f.I love JL Langley's books!!And 0your Best laid Fantasies!!!!!

  6. Thanks Jessica! I'm working on a couple more MMF short stories and a longer novella.