Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Excerpt from 'Chosen'

Shauna ignored the shapes for the moment and let the music pound into her bones. When her body started to move in a dance, the percussion of the music directed it. It was a hard, violent dance, just the way she liked it. Her head jerked, unhampered by her short spiked blond hair, as her stomping combat-boot-clad feet kept a different rhythm.

Next to her, Kia appeared to be in trance though she only swayed slightly, swinging her long brown curls in a hypnotic rhythm. The calm in the storm. Her light dress billowed this way and that from the chaotic movement around her, showing glimpses of smooth mocha skin.

Shauna absorbed the chaotic dances of those around her, feeling their dances in her body one at a time. This one, sensual and serpentine; that one, angry and convulsive. She opened to the energy of each and knew they opened to her in turn. This ability to project one’s senses was a gift from their hosts, from the Brethren gazing at them from the sidelines. She opened herself up to feel them now, hoping to tempt one to taste her. The possibility of ecstasy, the promise of pain.

Shauna felt a tingling along the surface of her skin, just on her arms at first, but quickly spreading. Oh, yes! The first signs of a tasting! The Brethren’s touch began to solidify and Shauna felt a joyous thrill as she thought she recognized the touch of Lukoran.

Chosen © 2009 by Angela Daniels
An Eternal Press Production, All rights reserved


  1. I love it! Again, I am so proud of you. Can't wait for the book.

  2. Thanks Glenda! It's all so exciting!